14 Jul 2017

The Top 10 Leadership Blind Spots

Extensive research points to dozens of leadership blind spots. There are, however, 10 core blind spots that present most frequently.

These are:

1. Going it alone (being afraid to ask for help)

2. Being insensitive of your behavior on others (being unaware of how you show up)

3. Having an "I know" attitude (valuing being right above everything else)

4. Avoiding the difficult conversations (conflict avoidance)

5. Blaming others or circumstances (playing the victim; refusing responsibility)

6. Treating commitments casually (not honoring the other person's time, energy, resources)

7. Conspiring against others (driven by a personal agenda)

8. Withholding emotional commitment (emotional blackmail)

9. Not taking a stand (lack of commitment to a position)

10. Tolerating "good enough" (low standards for performance)

Sumber: https://www.inc.com/marissa-levin/the-top-10-leadership-blind-spots-and-5-ways-to-tu.html

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