17 Jan 2017

Crafting A Digital Strategy

Today, a digital strategy is essential to brand relevance. Consumer adoption of digital is changing norms in communication, commerce, personal relationships—you name it. These changes create new risks and opportunities for brands to maintain and grow relationships with their customers across a growing myriad of devices and platforms. 

They also necessitate the need for digital strategy to be a team sport, in support of the shared customer journey. Digital silos by platform (mobile, social, web, IoT) or department aren’t sustainable in a world where connected consumers will follow their own path and switch between devices and digital tools that best suit the circumstances of their hectic day.

While much has been written about the digital transformation of business, we’ve seen little practical guidance on how to actually create strategy. To do that, we interviewed leading brand digital strategists and vendors to uncover the commonalities and divergent paths they take. 

We’ve taken a pragmatic approach to digital strategy by defining seven phases of work and the key activities and questions strategy must address in each of them. In our view, the best strategy answers the right questions. So this report—in the spirit of pragmatism—lists questions every holistic, brand-wide strategy should answer, along with insights from the strategists who generously shared their perspective.

Here’s a quick snapshot of Altimeter’s guide to crafting a digital strategy. You can download the complete report free of charge by clicking here or on the image below.

Crafting a Digital Strategy 

Sumber:  https://www.prophet.com/thinking/2016/08/crafting-a-digital-strategy/

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